In 1997 Arūnas Baltėnas exhibited his black & white collection "Vilnius. Fin de siecle" in Vilnius and in 1998 black & white collection of Vilnius Old Town was exhibited in Poland and USA.

In 1998 Arūnas Baltėnas arranged the exhibition "Shelters" in "Lietuvos Aidas" gallery (Vilnius). It consisted of more than 130 black & white photographs from various artists' studios.

The collection "Neighbours. 1998" was exhibited in "Akademija" gallery (Vilnius) the same year. In 2000 Arūnas Baltėnas participated together with other artists from Lithuania in the exhibition in "Berchtold" gallery (Salzburg).

The same year he arranged the exhibition "The Old Vilnius" with Kęstutis Stoškus in "Huang Shi Cheng" gallery (Beijing).

In 2002 Arūnas Baltėnas visited Salzburg and Venice and after that he made exhibition "Venezia" in Vilnius "Dugnas" gallery.

In 2002 big collection of the black&white photographs was shown in "Anderson" gallery, Modesto, California.

Collection "Longing for the City" was exhibited in 2003 in Vilnius Photogallery, and "The Signs of Europe" – in Antanas Mončys Gallery in Palanga, Lithuania, in 2004.

In the years 2004 and 2005 he has visited several times S.-Petersburg where numerous black&white photographs were made. Also he has photographed people living in „komunalka‘s“. On the base of theses photographs the exhibition „S.-Petersburg. Without choice“ was shown in Vilnius, „Prospektas“ Gallery in 2006.

In 2005 Arūnas Baltėnas has visited Japan and made colour photographs series „The Rain in Kyoto“ and „The Night in Tokyo“.

In recent years the big cycles of colour photographs were made in Lithuania: „The Masters“ and „The Life on Countryside“. The first one was exhibited in Luxembourg, Petange Culture Centre in 2007 and in Čiurlionis National Museum, Kaunas in 2008.

The exhibition of black&white photographs from Nicosia, S.-Petersburg and Vilnius was shown in „Karl Bulla Gallery“, S.-Petersburg in 2008.